Why Ready Maid?


On average, Ready Maid prices are 30-50% less than other cleaning service franchises.   Why do we charge such low prices?  The answer is simple:  low overhead.  By not splurging on company vehicles or other unnecessary expenses, we save money.  This means we can charge you less and pay our employees more.  And, since employees who make more money do better jobs, our customers are practically guaranteed a more thorough cleaning.  There is no other cleaning service that offers as much bang for your buck as Ready Maid.  


We pride ourselves on providing reliable, trustworthy cleaning services.  Each member of our cleaning team is bonded, and insured for your safety and comfort.   Additionally, we take the time to hire employees with excellent character.   We appreciate your business and want you to know that your house is being treated with respect—therefore we only employ housekeepers that are courteous, punctual, and detail oriented. 

Customer Service Oriented

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  We want you to feel like our services are as valuable as the money you spend on them.  Ready Maid guarantees a more thorough cleaning and employs a final walkthrough so you can judge our work for yourself.   But we are more than just a job well done!  Ready Maid housekeepers listen to your needs and will clean your house, your way.   When you give us feedback, we take notes; literally.  

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